"I just wanted to email and tell you that we absolutely LOVE Jenny. She is perfect in every way and we couldn’t be happier. It’s like night and day with our previous nanny and our sweet Olivia loves her too. She is eating more, sleeping more, and is so happy to see Jenny every morning. Almost immediately, Jenny felt like part of the family. So thank you, thank you, thank you!"
                    - Jocelyn Miller, Brooklyn Mother                                                                                                                              

"Happy almost Holidays! I wanted to thank you so much for helping this past year- I am so grateful to you. I'm working hard and love it!"
                    - Jennifer Madrano, Upper East Side Nanny                                                 

"We never thought we could find the type of sitter that we dreamed of.  She is a perfect match for our family and is now part of the family. Her big blue eyes and bright smile had my boys smitten in no time. It is like having a more reliable version of my sister watching our children!"
                    - Zoe Van Baaren, Brooklyn Mother

"Heyday found us the most amazing woman to take care of our two children.  It's been two years of such wonderful support and love...we couldn't have asked for anything more.  Heyday really listened to us and they did an amazing job - we would absolutely recommend them."
                    - Nicole Kauffman, Upper East Side Mother

"When we moved to New York City unexpectedly I enlisted Heyday to help me with my nanny search.   They really listened to my needs and put me at ease - I felt confident they would find the right person and within my tight timeframe.  The first candidate we met was a perfect match for our family and we could not have been happier.  When our nanny left after three years, to move home to California, I immediately turned to Heyday to find her replacement.  Annabelle was wonderful in understanding our family's changing needs and once again found us a wonderful caregiver for our sons."
                    - Jaime Vermeer, Tribeca Mother

"After being frustrated with nannies for about 8 months (young, old, new, seasoned) I decided to reach out to Annabelle at Heyday. At first I was hesitant hiring a 25 year old for taking care of two kids while maintaining a household. Annabelle convinced me that responsibility and competence has nothing to do with age. Indeed. I have found what I was looking for: finally, a smart, fun, functioning adult! Our nanny is a dream. She is educated, easy going, responsible, sensitive, creative. She is eager to learn what she doesn’t know, confident to prove what she knows, and excited to teach what she can. She is a happy presence in our home, attentive and flexible to our schedule, odd habits, food, space, sensitivities. She takes our 2.5 year old swimming out of her own free will (thank you), and came up for an active summer plan that was better than what I could imagine. A day with her is a day when I don’t have to think about what will happen, where, why and how. She usually texts it to me. We couldn’t be any happier, at last."
                    - Mili Randolph, West Village Mother

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how things are going with our nanny, Julia, whom you found for us last August.  In short, Julia has become an integral part of our family, as well as a friend. We have the utmost trust in her and the highest level of comfort every day, knowing that our daughter Felicity is in such great hands. Julia does so much more than just taking care of Felicity – she teaches her so much that we can see our baby developing at an astonishing rate in her language, motor skills and reasoning. Julia brings a wonderful, positive energy into our home and always gives us full reports of what she and Felicity do during the day. She often sends us pictures from their adventures or shoots us an email to let us know when Felicity does something new or just has an especially good day. We also enjoy getting to know Julia, and when I’m at home for the day with her, she and I can spend hours chatting and laughing while the baby naps. She and I have a great deal in common and she’s just a very easy and enjoyable person to be around. During my maternity leave last year, I could hardly bear the thought of leaving Felicity to go back to work. But after meeting with you, then meeting and hiring Julia, I felt completely at peace about being away from my daughter four days a week. Julia worked with us for several weeks before I returned to work, and by the day I went back to the office I was completely confident that we had made the right choice. And now, less than a year later, I can really see how fortunate we are to have found Heyday and, through you I have told lots of friends and colleagues about your service and what you’ve done for our family! If you ever need a reference or testimonial, I’d be more than happy to speak with or write to anyone about Heyday."
                    - Meredith Strauss Upper West Side Mother

"I came across Hey Day Nannies when I first moved to New York as an artist looking for work to finance my studio time.  Every aspect of working with HDN was so thoughtful I knew from the beginning of the interview process that I was in good hands. They successfully placed me not only in a situation that enabled me to continue working on my studio practice, but also with a family that changed my life.  I will be forever thankful to Annabelle and her team for introducing me to the family that I went on to work with for three years.  It was such an incredibly rewarding experience and will forever shape the person that I am today. I went into the interview looking for a job and left feeling like I had found a family and some my best friends in New York."
                    - Claire Masters, Upper Eastside Nanny

"I worked with several agencies in Manhattan, and found them to be incredibly impersonal - and at times, even rude. When I found Heyday, I was elated. Annabelle made me feel so valued for the work I do, and found me an incredible job with a family I became an integral part of. I'm so very grateful, and absolutely adore the sweet boys I spend my days with."
                    - Angela Thomas, Tribeca Nanny