The at-home consultation is the backbone of our service and is designed to pinpoint your unique needs and values in order to get a sense of how you work as a family. Often overlooked by traditional agencies, our consultation is the beginning of an open ended conversation where our clients feel free to tell us their hopes, fears, and desires for their children. We encourage discussions about compatibility, preferences and expectations.

Based on what was learned from the consultation, we develop a search criteria and conduct job specific recruitment sessions with qualifying candidates. We interview as many candidates as possible - within your desired timeframe - before selecting the top candidates for you to meet. We source from a large pool of educated nannies.

Once you find the nanny that you wish to work with, we encourage you to activate the two month money-back trial period. This ensures you have ample time to get to know each other before making a long term commitment. If within the year you find it is not the right fit, we will conduct the process again at no additional cost. Heyday will aid in negotiating offers and addressing any issues that may come up.

We are confident in our matching abilities and will always be on hand to help remedy an issue or replace the nanny.